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Do you want a cover up, but your existing tattoo is too large or too dark? Does your tattoo remind you of something you want to forget? Are you forced to wear clothing you don’t want to because of your tattoo? Are you sick of looking at something that you don’t like? If so…

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What We Do

When you book your free consultation at New You Tattoo Removal you’re getting a Professional service that you can trust. I will give you my honest opinion, and you my knowledge to help educate you in the process of laser tattoo removal. I will take a personalized approach tailored to each individual’s unique personality and situation, offering you the peace of mind you deserve.

Are you looking to get your existing tattoo covered up?

Did you know that Laser tattoo removal is the safest way to fade your existing tattoo? It usually only takes just a few laser tattoo removal treatments to fade your tattoo enough so you and your tattoo artist have way more options when it comes time for you to get that cover up.


Here are some of the most common reasons we see people seeking tattoo removal:

  • To fade an existing tattoo for more options on a cover up
  • Tattoo is an ex’s name
  • Patient is tired of having limited clothing options!
  • Patient doesn’t want their children to see it
  • Tattoo is limiting acceptance to jobs or military
  • Artist did poor quality work
  • Tattoo has faded over time
  • Attitudes toward the tattoo’s meaning have changed

How Does It Work?

The skin has three layers: the epidermis (outter layer), the dermis (middle layer), and the hypodermis (bottom layer). When you received your tattoo, the ink was placed in the dermis. Lasers send energy through the epidermis with so much energy and heat it fragments the ink into tiny little pieces small enough that they are able to penetrate through the hypodermis. Once through the hypodermis it is seen as a foreign object. Macrophages, your large cells that remove foreign bodies, encapsulate the ink and it is eliminated from the body by your lymphatic system.

The healthier your immune system, the better your results will be. Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly and drink large amounts of water will see more positive results, over those who smoke or ingest other toxins.

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Treatments performed by Troy Lennon, Laser Tattoo Fading & Removal Specialist, Medical Laser Specialist & Trainer


Q: How do I care for it after:

A: For some time after the treatment the area will probably feel like a sun burn. You may apply an Aloe Vera & Vitamin E gel, or either one on its own, and ice it to help with the discomfort After your treatments I will give you aftercare instructions to leave with.


Q: Can you remove only a portion of my tattoo?

A: YES, I can cover any areas you wish to keep, so it is possible to only remove what you would like to have removed.


Q: How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

A: Generally, tattoo removal takes between 12-15 sessions for an average-sized (around 4 square inches) tattoo to reach maximum resolution. “Maximum resolution” – not total removal. Total removal is not a guarantee. Maximum resolution is, quite simply, “the best it’s going to get.” As your tattoo specialist I will inform you when your tattoo has reached maximum resolution.


Q: How long do I wait in-between treatment sessions?

A: Surprise! It isn’t the laser that actually removes the ink. The laser breaks up the ink into tiny fragments which are then able to be removed by your lymphatic system. This process takes time. Most treatments can be repeated in 6-8 weeks. Due to varying results from person to person, the frequency between treatments can also vary. Studies have shown the longer you wait the better the results.


Q: My skin is very dark, will laser tattoo removal work for me?

A: YES, the Q-switch ND: Yag 1064nm is the only laser suitable for darker skin. It’s able to target the darker ink pigment, however if you have colours like red, orange or green unfortunately the treatments will not be effective for you.


Q: What tattoos are the hardest to remove?

A: The answer to this question is much like the variables that determine how many sessions are required to remove the tattoo in question. They include age, the colour(s), the location on the body, and the the skin colour of the patient.


Q: Are there some ink colours that can’t be removed?

A: Some of the newer, ultra-vibrant inks are troublesome and can take longer to remove. While most colours will respond at least somewhat to the laser, there are certainly some colours that are very difficult to remove. The hardest colour still proves to be green.


Q: Is laser tattoo removal painful?

A: It depends on your personal tolerance for pain. Described as feeling like hot bacon grease when it hits you. I’ll ice the area before and after, and will apply Bactine over the treated area. Each session typically lasts only 1-5 minutes.


Q: Can laser tattoo removal remove my tattoo completely?

A: Is it possible to completely eradicate that old ink, to a distant memory? Possible, yes. Guaranteed, no.